Monday, August 15, 2005

My New Discover Credit Card

It seems that Discover changed banks that handle their charges and what-not and so they sent out new cards. Yea. Except then one has to go through the call-this-800-number-to-activate crap. This time, even though I was told my card had been activated, "it" went into three sales pitches for extras like.... I don't know...... checks on your credit rating and how to transfer balances, etc. ... frankly, I wasn't listening to the babble. Just the part where the gal says "and if you decide to pass up this extraordinary offer even though your left tit might fall off.......hit 2 now". Well I think she said the tit thing....but like I say, I wasn't listening. I was thinking of how I was going to blog the b*tch ASAP. What a pain the the posterior. Any fool would of hung up after the first part when she said the card was activated.....but.....noooooo.... not me..... what if you have to listen to the whole spiel in order for the activation to 'stick'?........ grumble....grumble.....

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