Saturday, August 20, 2005

HPD, Their Chief & Tattoos - My Take On It

I see where the men and women wearing the Blue for Houston will soon have to cover up any tattoos that they have that are visible to the public. This is supposed to be some kind of effort to make them look more professional. If the tattoos are on their arms and not covered by their short sleeve shirts, then they are going to be required to wear LONG SLEEVES in HOUSTON! If they are bike patrol officers and happen to have visible tattoos on their tanned, buff, yummy limbs, they'll have to wear long pants. (Which sucks because then how are old gals like me supposed to admire those young, yummy gams!)

I don't know why the Chief is taking this hard line about something so insufficient. I mean, okay, if someone has a swastika or KKK or something equally repugnant, then fine, make them cover up and then stand back and watch them keel over from the heat, at the very least. Why hire someone in the first place if you don't like the way they look? Make it a new rule that new hires can't have blah, blah, blah on their fill-in-the-offending-body-part.

The brand new Chief of Police is probably doing a good job, but officer moral ought to be worth something. The public is spoon-fed anti-cop stuff on a daily basis by all the local medias. The only time someone says anything nice about them, other than the little blurb from Schepps's Dairy, is when they get killed in action! And then all the nice-nice is gone once the poor devil is buried. Why would the Chief want to bring them down even further rather than thinking of ways to support their hard work and show them that work is appreciated? Surely there are enough problems in the department for the Chief to find and then try to fix.... this "problem" serves no one in a city with a climate like ours.

I say the cops should be forced to cover up or otherwise remove their tattoos the same day the criminals have to cover up or remove theirs. And it goes without saying, but I'll say it anyway, that a lot of law abiding, regular folk have tattoos. At the very least our police already look professional because they have HPD-Blue uniforms, big guns and shiny badges on their chests. I doubt any of them will read my blog, but if even one does.... let me say THANK YOU for being there for us... that thin blue line between the good and the evil.

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