Monday, December 11, 2006

Sure Am Sorry To Hear About This One

The son of Harris County Sheriff Tommy Thomas is in trouble with the law again.

In 2000, Brent Grady Thomas faced charges related to the accidental shooting of a friend.

He got two years probation.

Thomas, now 26 years old, was arrested again Saturday. He was picked up by Precinct 5 deputy constable in Harris County.

He got out on a $2,000 bond.

He's charged with possession of less than a gram of drugs.

Thomas went to court Monday, but his court date was reset for Jan. 4.

Neither he or his attorney made any comment Monday.

A spokesman for the Sheriff's Office said the elder Thomas loves both of his sons and supports Brent while he is going through this process. Other than that, he said it is a family affair.

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It is a family affair, but that doesn't stop me from saying I feel badly for the family! I hope young Mr. Thomas can get his act together and quit embarrassing his good name. My family has seen similar grief due to drugs,immaturity and unwise choices and the problem was resolved by the addicted one before the bottom or jail time was reached. You can lead a horse or lock them up or council the poop outta them, but until they decide to quit messing up it's just an exercise in futility and frustration.

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