Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Katrina Is Still Causing Damage

This is difficult to write because I know for a fact that not all Katrina evacs are pieces of low life shit. Most have blended well into the environments they were thrust, went on to find jobs and slowly start trying to put their lives back together again. This post in no way reflects on them, they are a tough bunch of folks who deserve respect. This post is about the evacs that get the press for their criminal ways. They are truly pieces of shit not worth spit. Louisiana is better off without them and God knows Houston would be too.

One such family moved into a rent house four doors down from my own. They seemed like nice, quiet people. I'm not sure exactly how many were in the family, but I'd seen 2 or 3 male children, one female, a momma and a poppa at least. The mom was a teacher and the dad left the house each day and I'd assumed it was to go to work. There was one incident whereby the mother and one of her sons got into it in the street. I'd come home from the grocery store and found the teen sitting on the curb between my driveway and my neighbor's front yard. When he saw me turn in he moved across the street and again sat on the curb. His mom came out of their house and was hollering at him. He hollered back. She had a substantial stick in her hand and she advanced on him all the while chewing him like a cow with it's cud. He'd retreat, she'd advance. It was an odd game they played for about 20 minutes. I called one of our deputies on his cell phone and described it to him and he said not to worry. Seems the 'teen' was older than he looked and they'd had a lot of trouble with him. They'd been urged to just kick him out and they didn't follow that advice. After awhile the daddy came home and peace ensued once again.

Well the story today is about how one day they were just gone. They must of moved out in the middle of the night. I saw him a time or two checking the mailbox, but had no clue as to what had happened until recently. The owner of the house lives in the suburbs of Chicago. He'd cleaned the place up and redone it a couple of times after renters had left it badly. I've seen a couple of men in there working and thought they were not unusual since someone had again moved out and left the place in need of refreshing. Come to find out the evacs had been evicted after non-payment for 3 months. They evidentially did not take kindly to this legal move and yet they still had custody of the keys to the place. The landlord did not immediately change the locks. His bad. It seems that within days of their departure they went back inside and completely trashed the place.

They totally destroyed one of the bathrooms and severely damaged the other one. They knocked holes in all the walls. They busted out all the windows in the back of the house. They even took a hot iron to the carpeting. I don't know for sure, but I'll bet the homeowner didn't even try and contact the authorities. He says he'd bought the place as an investment, but now he's had enough of it. It's costs him money and he just wants to get rid of it. It should be on the market soon. That'll be three houses in a row for sale, but that's another story for another day.

Oh, one other thing. The neighbor on the North side is the kindest older man in the neighborhood. He's always got a smile and a kind word of everyone he sees. The daddy from next door knocked on his door and asked to borrow some jumper cables. The nice man went and got his and handed them over. The evac said thanks and starting walking down the street away from the house. The nice man hailed him and asked where the car was and he was told in Kroger's parking lot. To make a long story shorter, the evac was given a ride to his car and it was jump started off of the nice man's car. Then the evac asked if he could borrow the cables a day or two until he could get a new battery. He was granted his request and the nice man has never seen the cables since! That was a few days before they up and vanished. Jerk.


niceman said...

Hey, Edie, it's nice to be called a nice man. The "true rumor" (contradiction in terms) is that the two men (father and son) cleaning up, painting, repairing the trashed house are members of "NA" and the situation could be volatile. Keep your eyes open. Oh, by the way, you ought to put "It was the Month Before Christmas" in your blog ... I enjoyed it. Thank you.

TxGoodie said...

I don't know what "NA" is? I know it's not Narcotics Anon or you wouldn't be telling me to keep my eyes open! I Googled "NA" and sort of came up with a gang running wild in California....yikes....is THAT it?