Friday, December 08, 2006

Suburban Goddess's Freedom Of Political Correctness

Suburban Goddess: Freedom of Political Correctness
Thursday December 07th 2006, 12:18 pm

"I was watching a Carlos Mencia (dee dee dee) comedy special about a year ago. At the end of his routine, he was ranting about freedom of speech, and closed his act with five minutes of racist, bigoted, biased nicknames for basically every single race & religion on the planet. He then challenged the audience to go into work on Monday & try to say the same things he had just said.

It was a brutal realization that I have absolutely NO freedom of speech. I couldn’t even get the first two out of my mouth before someone would grab me by the hair and hurl me down the stairs towards the HR Department. Not that I would say any of those things anyway, but honestly… even if you wanted to… you CAN’T. In ANY context. And that got me thinking just how hypocritical this country has become...” [Click the link to read the entire post].

At the bottom the Goddess said:
But it seems that political correctness is not helping anyone’s situation. Unfortunately, it does not appear that diversity & tolerance are two principals that can peacefully coincide. Rodney King was completely profound in his simple statement, “Why can’t we just all get along?”

Why can’t we?

I'll tell you why we can't. M-O-N-E-Y and P-O-W-E-R. For instance people in the upper echelons of the black movement [the ones that claim to be religious] are very apt at stirring the pot of hatred because it's to their benefit that they keep the division apparent. Good Lord can you imagine how difficult it would be for these men if they actually had to go to WORK to make a living? If everyone lived in peaceful harmony there'd be no more photo ops! There'd be no more speaking engagements! There'd be no more cash contributions!

And what's more you can substitute any other color and any other group and come up with the same bottom lines .... The Jewish Defense League, League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC), even the vile KKK. It's the same for any of the hot button polarized subjects ... gun control and the right to bear arms; abortion and the right to life and so on and so on .... the biggest of the big is Republicans vs. the Democrats. God forbid those two should reach common ground and actually work for the benefit of all the citizens!

It's the proliferation of hatred and fear that generate money. Division is a cash cow.


Anonymous said...

"Freedom of Speech" was never an all encompassing, omnipresent factor in the lives of people in the USA. It is strictly a case of allowing "Joe Slob" to openly criticize politicians and the government without getting tossed in jail, shot, or otherwise punished for speaking his mind against those in charge.

Thanks to a dumbing down of our educational system, the general public seems to think the idea applies to all circumstances, for any private situation, to allow anyone to say anything they want without reprisal. Further, they forget that slander, libel, and other circumstances have never been covered even in the limited protections built into the governing documents we cherish that were written a couple of hundred years ago.

The flip side of the "Right" that has never received much press is the "responsibility" involved in it too. If you start calling one of your black co-workers "N.....", female coworkers "C...", Asian coworkers "G...", or whatever other hateful word in an attempt to display your ignorance loudly and proudly; you can expect your employer to exercise HIS right to fire you (you may have a right to say what you want but he has the right to boot your trashy ass out of his business).

Walk down the streets of Fifth ward yelling racial epithets and watch what kind of freedoms you have too (the freedom to get the snot knocked out of you being the first) or walk up to a physically attractive lady and start in on how much you like her ass (expect a slap, if not worse).

To those that say we've somehow lost our precious freedom of speech, I submit to you that the existance of the internet alone disproves that fact. Just being educationally challenged and thinking the "right" was ever absolute doesn't mean that it ever was. Many countries around the world still punish outspoken critics or openly let bad things happen to them without lifting a finger so we STILL have it pretty good here, no matter what the perceived lack of freedoms are (look it up for yourself how many people "disappear" from said countries south of our border, to the far east, the middle east, Africa, etc).

As far as the races issues tossed into the discussion, you have to remember that like many other things, it depends on which side of the fence you sit on; the very poor don't often have easy access to the internet (and the myth of cadillac owning welfare mothers aside, I challenge anyone to to to the dirt poor sections of Houston and see how many people do not have access on their own) and the 1984-ish style the local (and national) media have presented sure makes listening to the ghetto princes preferable to those who routinely claim everything is fine (when they can look around them and see that this is a lie perpetrated by those with greater wealth).

TxGoodie said...

Anon, chill.

Anonymous said...

See?!? Even the granny in charge of this blog seeks to quelch free speech she doesn't agree with... ;)

Oh well, I'm off to crash...and then chill for another week. Later!