Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Some Grand Jury Moments

As you may or may not know, I'm currently serving on a Harris County Grand Jury. Our panel ends November 3rd and the time has just flown by. There is much I can't ever talk about, but a few generalities are on my mind.

Men are still sexually assaulting children. Their own, their steps, their nieces, nephews, cousins, grandkids, and foster kids. We've had few, maybe one or two, that involve the kid down the block or in the class or the troop or the congregation. What you have to worry about if you're a parent is the guy that sits at the table with you on Thanksgiving Day or the one that you take pity on and allow to sleep on your couch until he can get his act together. They present lots of excuses for their conduct: some say the kid enticed them; some say they were drunk and don't remember; some say they accidentally digitally penetrated the child. Some say they didn't do it period, but the children's statements given to The Children's Assessment Center are just too detailed to be imagined. Who else but one that knows first hand would describe semen as being "like egg whites"?

The rub is they can't be "cured". They CAN and should be punished, but the urges are always going to be there for them. They above all others make you sick when you hear what they are capable of doing to CHILDREN. They are animals.
My own personal "Good Job" goes to the ADA's that are prosecuting felons in possession of firearms. We've had dozens and dozens of those cases this term and it warms the cockles of my Lifetime Membership NRA heart to hear about them. I just hope that once their indictments leave our hands they are given the maximum punishments allowed by law by the judges. Fully 90% of these guns are in the vehicles with the felons when the police pull them over. As I understand it, five years AFTER they meet the requirements of their paroles they can keep a firearm in their residence, but NEVER EVER can they carry one concealed.
More to follow when the term ends. I'll need the purgative powers of the blog to free my soul.


Digitaldon37 said...

I had thought of volunteering for grand jury last time I had to serve. Our case didn't go to trial so we got dismissed early, but they came out and asked us if anyone was interested in grand jury.

Anyways, I don't think I could deal with some of the stuff that you are describing. I can't imagine how someone can sink to the depths of hell and do vile things with children.

Anonymous said...

Our system of "justice" doesn't allow us to cull the herd of these child molesting predatory monsters, and the tree hugging, gun grabbing, wishy washy liberals are so very quick to point out that most of them were victims as children themselves. For my part, I'd be supportive of the death penalty for them since there is no treatment but separation from the source of their "inspiration".

Kristie said...

Castration may seem extreme to some, but not extreme enough to the parent or the victim...

Anonymous said...

I'm a pal of Edie's and I think all of you made salient points but from my perspective, I just don't like how her service effects her state of mind. While she can't talk about it, it's clear that she gets frustrated by so many aspects of the Grand Jury service and court system, including those serving with her. My experience with grand juries is limited but my experience with people serving on them (and people in general) tells me that the concept needs revisiting in far too many ways to expound upon here in a blog comments section.

Suffice it to say, I can appreciate how the public gets frustrated when they hear how some child molesting asshole got off because a jury (grand or otherwise) didn't want to ruin the guy's life or they wanted conclusive evidence in the form of a video showing the act (remembering that Grand Juries aren't charged with holding trials, only serving as a citizen panel reviewing the facts for enough evidence to warrant a trial).

It's not just liberals either, there are plenty of idiot conservatives out there too (political party affiliations proving meaningless if you look closely enough on most issues). Oh well, my pal will probably be feeling better after next week (even with the Cardinals hammering away at the Tigers...Go Birds!) and maybe she'll go have some fun to celebrate. :)

Off to save the world...

TxGoodie said...

The Cardinals only won because they sucked less than the rest of the league. Big Whoop. We were 1.5 games out of suckdom. The good part is NOW the redbirds are the ones to beat like the Astros were all of '05.

I like being on the GJ. I consider it a duty and an honor. It's not all horror stories and pain. We were all rolling around on the floor over the story about the suspect that started passing gas that was so foul the officer/deputy/? stepped outside for a breath of fresh air and when he came back the two crack rocks were gone! So we nailed the farter with Tampering and he can stink up the jail for awhile. Most of the cops I know could of given it right back at him and their "force field" would of won.