Monday, October 09, 2006

I Missed My Own Anniversary!

I just bothered to look it up and TexasGoodies has been online a whole year and I didn't even mention it even in passing! Wow, a whole year. Ha! And they said it wouldn't last!

Well, ok, no one said it wouldn't last because frankly no one gave it that much thought if they even knew it was in the offering.

My pal Rick introduced me to his blog and I saw how easy and FREE it was to get one and the rest is, as they say, hysterical history! I'm having fun with it and that was the reason for giving birth to it in the first place. Well, ok, that and the FREE part. AND it's so much easier than trying to keep up with that tiny little diary key.

I've made some friends along the way. People with cool blogs too like Laniey's Grapevine Connection; Attila the Mom's observations at Cheaper Than Therapy; Jack over at Texas Music who says there's "Cops. Guns. Drugs. No happy endings.", but he is so talented a writer it seems like fun most of the time just to drop in and see what's going on with him; the same can be said for Jason at Cigars...Donuts...and Coffee. My favorite sports blog is Richard Justice's SportsJustice. I agree with him about 99.9% of the time. I also keep an eye on TechBlog, but of late it's frankly B-O-R-I-N-G. Mr. Silverman's becoming an out-of-the-closet Apple owner is changing the flavor of his what used to be Windows based blogging. (If there's anything worse than a reformed smoker it's a newly converted Applehead!). He's also getting into "business news" and that's not cool to me. He ought to sign on Claus to do some of the Windows-based PC writing! I still like reading the good stuff at Ed Bott's, Jay Lee's and Eric Berger, the SciGuy. I try and keep up with dozens of others, but these are my mainstays.

I do think that blogging has changed life as we know it forever. It's the best way to get news. It's faster than a speeding bullet and twice as powerful a tool. Hell, it's like Rock 'n Roll, it'll never die! Rock on!


Attila The Mom said...

Happy Anniversary!!!!!

I've been sick as a dog this past week---I'm sorry I missed it!

Lainey said...

Happy anny, TX!
I've been keeping a low profile...not blogging much lately.

Thanks for the mention, though.

Lainey said...

this got me to thinking....I started my blog in November of last year.
My 1st anny is in a few weeks! YAY

TxGoodie said...

Well, Happy Anniversay to you too Lainey!

Hope you're feeling better, AT-Mom! I thought I was dying and went in and it was a pulled muscle in my shoulder. I thought that odd because where on earth would *I* get a muscle...much less do anything to PULL it?? BUT he gave me some heavy duty drugs and now I don't give a shit what happened or why! ;-)