Thursday, August 10, 2006

Alas, I've Been Impaneled!

I was sworn in Tuesday as one of 12 Grand Jurist for the 262nd Criminal District Court. We'll hear cases twice a week, for 3 months, in beautiful downtown Houston. Our sole purpose is to decide if there is probable cause to indict an individual accused of a felony or not.

It's an awesome responsibility and one that can serve to keep you up nights due to the mental imagery of the evidence presented during the day. The worst testimony always involves children and the horror that some adults will inflict on them. I lead a relatively insulated, naive existence and it's always shocking to realize that there are men who would desire an infant as a sexual object or could strip the innocence from a 3 year old Grandchild or niece. It's as if these animals "grow" their own females for their pleasures. One of the cases that will never leave my thoughts was one where the grandfather was accused of molesting his granddaughter. The charges were being brought by the girl's mother who was herself one of his victims!

This is my 3rd time to serve on Judge Mike Anderson's Grand Jury and it's always an honor to "make the cut" and be one of the 12. It's hard work, but the time just flies by and since one has to wait a year and a month before being allowed to serve again, it is usually every two years that I've been impaneled. Between my jury service and my stint at cardiac rehab, I might be rather hit or miss in the posting department, but don't worry about me, when I'm not knee deep in it I'll be slumped in front of my TV routing on the Astros! (Berkman is a babe!). Last night's 14 to 1 rout of the Pittsburg Pirates was deliciously enjoyable to watch! Go 'Stros!

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