Friday, August 04, 2006

Goodbye My Friend

I'm bummed. A friend of mine has passed away. She was quite a character. She leaves behind a very nice husband and two young adults children and a host of friends. I didn't always agree with her, but I always ended up making her laugh. She was quite the community activist in our little world and she'll be sorely missed because she had a mind like a steel trap and she wasn't shy about telling the cow how to eat the cabbage. She was generous and we used to fight about who'd pick up the tabs. She ended up winning more times than I liked, but she was not one to expect something in return for any favor. Everytime I spoke to her she'd ask about my dog, my youngest daughter and my "adopted" sons. She was ill the last year or so and had to drastically curtail her activites, but anytime we'd talk she'd say when she got to feeling better we'd go to lunch. The good Lord has seen to it that now she feels better. Rest in peace, Dora, until we meet again.

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