Thursday, May 25, 2006

James Coney Island Memories

I went to James Coney Island for lunch today after my little-middle daughter told me they were having an 84 cents a piece sale on their regular dogs. Since the regulars are all I ever get, I was there! I've been belching them all afternoon too. The meal that keeps on keepin' on, no doubt.

Next week "they" are going down my throat to rule out anything even remotely responsible to my "chest pains" episode. They'll probably find some of the weiners still waiting their turn at the stomach acid!

When my grandfather was alive he worked in the Melrose Building in downtown Houston and I've lost count of how many times he'd take me to lunch at the James that was on that street. It's closed down now, but that was the first time I can remember seeing "street people" and "regular people" eating with "business people"'d see everything from coats and ties to t-shirts and jeans...... that's normal these days, but back then it made an impression on me. It goes without saying that the people wearing those clothes were every color under the rainbow and THAT made an impression on me too. The common thread was the grub. Everyone wanted the dogs and chili.

My kids practically grew up on James's brick chili and rice. We mixed it together and called it "Chili Ben" because I'd only use Uncle Ben's rice. John would put mustard on his, but me and the girls would eat it plain. It was cheap and filling and fit the number one requirement: it stuck to our ribs! We'd buy the frozen brick of chili and keep in handy in the freezer or, if I wanted it that night and didn't have time to defrost, John would bring home a quart while I'd "make" 2 cups of rice. I'd have mine with an ice cold root beer! Probably should of had it with a nice green salad!


Anonymous said...

MMMMMMMMM chili! I've been on a Rally double chili cheeseburger kick for the last 3 weeks.

Home today back to Cleveland Monday. You can bet if I get a Houston opportunity I'd jump on it in a flash. It's been 15 years... in so many ways it seems like yesterday. Jonny my youngest little native Houstonian graduates high school next week. *sigh*

Greetings from the Northern Frontier


TxGoodie said...

It can't be 15 years already! We've been friends a long time then....and it seems like just yesterday you were blowing my doors off with your big radio...and teaching me the fine art of 300 baud! Warez the time gone!

Wow, I didn't realize ya'll had high schools up there.... ;-)