Friday, April 25, 2008


One of the hottest, young studlies on the planet asked *ME* if I'd make a music video with him. Once I quit laughing, I said SURE.

I'll admit to some trepidation, thinking he most likely would make me look really, really bad so he'd look really, really good.... but guess what? He looks really, really good and I don't look THAT bad. In fact I think it came out very nicely done. He did a great job of editing because Lord knows I kept cracking up on pretty much every scene.

He's a genius....which would be the whole beauty AND brains thing! I just hope when he's made it BIG he remembers the little people! Go get 'em Travis!

I can't thank Travis AKA TdashDub enough for absolutely making my day if not my entire YEAR!

Check it out - Love Me Down!


Anonymous said...

"OMG" you are on YouTube!! A lot of humping going on there! Just think when he is a big movie star you can tell everyone he was your "Boy ToY" and be able to prove it!!!

Lainey said...

Wow, go girl!!

TxGoodie said...

Geez, for some reason I didn't get an email telling me these comments were here.

Thanks, Lainey, somehow I knew *YOU'S* appreciate my little coup! Hugs!

I wish Anon. But then reality intrudes and I know in my bones if not my heart that "having" such a hunk as he would probably kill me, but what a way to go! I can say I knew him when though and that's certainly something I can hug close for the rest of my days!