Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Odds And Ends Of Life In The Fast Lane

It's been crazy around here.

I'm excited about tomorrow because I don't have to do anything! I don't have to go anywhere! I was going to the Astros game, but one of Larry's customers wanted tickets so he gave them away. We're going Thursday and that'll be fun. It's Mother's Day early and they are giving away tote bags to "women 16 and above". Is it just me or does 16 seems awfully young to be a "woman"?

I got to see them play that long ass game Sunday when they pulled it out and went on to beat the Brewers. That was a great game! I've been lucky to see some great games the last few years in person and over the years on TV.

This year is coming along nicely because the bats are alive and well and doing their thing. I love a good pitcher's duel, but nothing spells fun like a high scoring game that ends up with a big fat "W" for the home team.

Today I got my "Welcome to Medicare" physical. I celebrated that by going out for breakfast to The Egg And I. The food was good and tasted even better because I went in after having to fast for 10 hours for the blood work the doctor ordered. I was breaking in a new doctor too. He's a Family Practice doc that works for Kelsey-Seybold. As a rule I hate Kelsey-Seybold, but I felt like I needed a GP for this whole Medicare gig. I played the old card at the Egg place and scored the senior citizen discount! Hot damn, this old thing might be a winner after all! I can just see me going around town holding out my hand for the coot rebates!

I sat around picking fleas off the devil dog this evening. I got 3 of them before she got bored. I have a system. I catch them between my right thumb and forefinger and open those fingers inside of some soapy water that I put in a glass. They sink like stones and drown their little bastard selves. I'll probably end up giving her a bath tomorrow to try and drown the rest of them in one fell swoop. (I had to look up "fell swoop"! I thought it was "feld swoop", but found out that was just my East Texas accent messin' with me again!)

I've worked in the yard a lot more than usual, but that's one of the perks of losing the weight....I WANT to do more and I CAN! I bought some foam "barrels" from Kroger (not cheap!) to put lots of Amaryllis bulbs in. I had lots and lots of bulbs in several pots. Make that too many pots and thought it'd be neat to have a big pot with lots of them instead. I need a couple more foam barrels to put ALL of them together, but for now I'm content with just the two. Only time will tell if I like that foam aspect. They might dry out too much.

I've got a fair amount of comments on the YouTube video. 99.9% are favorable. My oldest bro said it was "vulgar". I took THAT as a compliment considering the source. Most of my relatives are not saying anything! They probably are not that crazy about it but more considerate than the bro. I can't fault him though because I did ask folks to tell me what they thought. My kids were cool and *I* liked it so there. The more I see it the more I'm amazed at what a good job Travis did putting it together. Some of my "scenes" make me cringe, but the dream like quality of the playground stuff is very good. Naturally the times I'm just having fun and cracking up come across as more real than the walking around with my nose in the air stuff, but that's to be expected I suppose.

Two of my friends have said they were "speechless". That's pretty cool because usually they are regular Chatty Cathys! Many just don't say anything. I'm guessing they are speechless too.... haha....

Found out today that I do still have diabetes according to the doctor, but it's well controlled. I figured as much because how could it just go away after being in my life for 15 years? My first born went to the diabetes doctor and she told her that she's seeing people having to get back on the meds and shots after awhile because they think they are cured and start eating like sugar and carbs are no problem. There is just so much insulin being produced and when that's not good enough to do the job it's back on the needle or the pills.

I'm glad I heard about that hopefully before I'm out of control. I've been eating candy and ice cream, etc. and need to step back and evaluate just what I think I hope to accomplish eating junk. I sure don't want to give it all up now! Changing your life long habits and patterns is like a giant game of Mother-May-I.... you take two little steps forward and one giant step backwards if you forgot to say the magic words or, in the this case, eat the magic foods and lay off the bad stuff.

The best thing about life is that until it's over you can make changes and reevaluate your choices. That's pretty empowering stuff! I like the way that works! Thanks, God, that was a good idea You had there!

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