Monday, January 28, 2008

I'm Voting For Kelly Siegler for HC DA

I've met her and she's pretty cool. For starters she's a Texan. She doesn't like the label "tough", but she is that and then some. She is no politician....all you need to do is read her stuff about the Lakewood O-of-G's screwballs and nuts to know that's true. I think what she is, is a skilled legal bulldog and that's what I want in that office.

She's also no defense attorney! Although he's my 2nd choice for the job.

She's no judge with zero prosecutorial experience and a personality that would take paint off the walls.

She's no HPD employees with a history of wife swapping to his credit. (I don't have any first hand knowledge on that score, but trust my credible sources on the legitimacy of the statement).

Thank God she's no Democrat even though the Reps are trying their darnest to give away all the public office from the White House to the jail house!

From her website, here's her list of accomplishments:

Kelly Siegler, upon graduating from South Texas College of Law, immediately went to work for Harris County as an Assistant District Attorney in 1987. As with all new prosecutors, she began her career in the misdemeanor division, where for a time she struggled, losing a record 10 cases in a row. It was this experience that taught her the lesson that she believes to be the key to her success, that a prosecutor can never quit. However, Kelly Siegler's initial struggles did not last. Over her 21 year career, she has risen through the ranks to become the Chief of the Special Crimes Bureau, which includes supervising the Major Offender Division, Major Fraud Division, Identity Theft Division, and Consumer Fraud Division.

In her time as an Assistant District Attorney, she has prosecuted some of the most high profile cases in the county. Here are just a few of the many that Kelly Siegler has been able to bring to justice.

The State of Texas vs. David Temple- 2007
The State of Texas vs. James Tucker- 2004
The State of Texas vs. Susan Wright- 2004
The State of Texas vs. Dror Goldberg- 2000

If there ever make a movie of her life she'll be played by Holly Hunter.

She's at the top at the DA's office and married to a doctor. She could leave for private practice and make bank. That's what Jim Lietner did when he needed some extra scratch. So it stands to reason that she dukes it out for the County because she loves what she does and where she's doing it. That's good enough for me. I don't want a learning curve. I want someone who'll just move her framed picture of her family and a toothbrush down the hall to the big office and still keep Harris County's record for being the last place in the USA you want to be when you commit a capital crime.

There a link for donations on Kelly's website too and I've dropped some dough into her kitty. OH and the last reason I like her is because my oldest brother doesn't. Good e'nuff reason in my book!


Lainey said...

Kelly Siegler rocks!!!

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know the circumstances of why Kelly Siegler’s husband, Sam Siegler had previously sued Kelly for divorce? “Also, has anyone seen the million dollar home that Kelly Siegler lives in? Check it out at:

#7 Windermere
Houston, Texas 77063

Anonymous said...

Maybe you should listen to your older brother. Kelly Siegler may be a skillful litigator, but the leadership in the DA's office needs a little Spring Cleaning.