Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Better Late Than Never....

I can remember a time in my reproductive years when it was Better Never Than Late.... but I digress as usual...

As my bud would say, how's it hanging? I've been so busy chasing my own tail I haven't had the energy to blog. Woefully behind on both my readin' and my writin'! So sorry.

I love Bloglines because, up to a point, it'll keep "stuff" for me until the cows come home or 200 messages which ever comes first. I had a butt-load of "stuff" from Claus over at Grand Stream Dreams to catch up with and damn if I didn't see my name way back in July! This is a direct quote:

Passing the Torch
So here's passing on this "Eight Random Things" meme like a good sport to four more folks I respect and whose viewpoints I find fascinating and rewarding to follow.

Edie Goodwin - Texas Goodies Blog and frequent TechBlog wanderer.

(deleted other folks so blessed)


Posted by Claus at Friday, July 13, 2007

All is in regard to his mememe and since the torch was passed to me and it nearly went out due to my inattention, I'll get right on it....

Eight "Random" Things 'bout me

1. My favorite time of the year is right now. AFTER Christmas. The best part of Christmas is when it's over. I make no apology for feeling that way.

2. I just found out that I'm getting a new son! For Christmas my youngest and her long-time one-and-only got engaged! I'm not losing a daughter, I'm gaining an electrician! Yea!

3. I also heard about someone I went to high school with that's dying of that flesh eating disease. I don't even remember him that well...I looked him up in the ancient yearbook and his picture reminded me that I thought he was cute back then, but to be honest, I thought almost all the guys that walked erect were cute. It bummed me out to hear such sad news.

4. I got to thinking about Roger Clemens and his denial of drug use to enhance his performance, etc., and the way I see it he could of taken a bucket full of drugs every day and if he wasn't as good as he is would it of made any difference? He's got/had talent. I choose to respect him for his records no matter how he earned them. I do think that NOW he needs to take some appetite suppressors though. As for as his going back to New York and the whole Yankee thing, he's a whore and New York City certainly has better corners to stand on than Main Street in Houston, Texas so.....show a little leg, Rog...

5. I went overboard this Christmas giving myself gifts.

6. I can't stand reality TV. The only reality TV I tolerate is Cops and the poker shows. My bud insists that all of those are fixed or at the very least manipulated, but I don't care I know what I like. I do tend to get too tense to watch the Most Shocking shows and flat out hate the shows where people get hurt or at least LOOK like they get hurt doing dumb things. I just get too uncomfortable watching so I don't.

7. I'm trying to add my own narration to a compilation of our old home movies that my brother put on DVD and it's not as easy as it sounds like it'd be. I'm going to keep trying to get it right...I gave up on 'perfect' and will settle for 'okay'. I'm stubborn about stuff like that, but realize that life is too short to worry about it being perfect.

8. I get all embarrassed when someone says they read something on my blog. I know that doesn't make sense. Why write one and make it available if you don't expect folks to read what you wrote? I certainly push the http link off at every opportunity. I think it's the same way as when someone stares at you and you get all squirmy. I like attention, but it's better if I don't realize I'm getting any.

I'm not going to pass the meme on...if you want to do one, cool, let me know where and I'll check it out. Also check out Claus's website if you haven't already because he is soooo smart and writes the best lists of anyone online. I've got 20 "keep news" just from this last crop of goodies. The worst thing I can say about his blog is that I get fired up to try some of the programs and end up going overboard and then having to call my Guru to fix my computer.

I hope your holidays left you with that warm glow of completion and that 2008 ends up being just great for you and yours.

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