Friday, January 11, 2008

Don't The Elephants Want To Win Again?

This is mostly about local politics. I think I've mentioned before that I HATE politics. I hate liars. I hate holier-than-thous. I hate 2nd guessing even though I do it quite a bit. If there is one thing that has been shown to me to be true for many, many years it's what goes around comes around. It's karma, baby. It's the Golden Rule. Judge not blah, blah, blah or you'll wake up in the hot seat too.

Harris County DA Chuck Rosenthal has made some serious errors in judgement granted, but would someone please tell the Republican hierarchy in Harris County (much less Texas and Washington) that they are singlehandedly giving it all away to the Dems. The Chronicle is doing what the Chronicle does best....stirring up hatred and dissension. They are loving it that Chuck is stuck. They are beating the dead email horse for all its worth.

For the record, I don't care what Chuck does/did in his personal life. I don't care what he did/does on his work computer. I only care about the catching, cleaning and filleting of criminals in Harris County and I'd say Mr. Rosenthal has done a fairly good job being the head chef.

I think that Kelly Siegler is a fine DA. She is tough and I want tough in the DA's office. She is spot-on about Lakewood Church members too, but it's not just Lakewood Church IMHO, it's any church member that is zealous to the point of extreme. I believe in the complete separation of the church and state. I believe that any person of any faith that inflicts their own moral code in their decision making is just as bias and prejudiced as any sheet wearer and that both are tainted from the get go and I wouldn't want them on any jury I was a part of. I come from a long line of religious wack jobs and I know from what I speak.

By the same token, no one can sit in a jury box without bringing in some of their beliefs and observations and biases and such. The key is you TRY and keep an open mind and you definitely view the accused as innocent until proven otherwise and deserving of a jury of their peers.

But back to why I decide to rant....

I'm not understanding why Harris County Judge Ed Emmet or Charles Bacarisse are setting themselves up as holier-than-thou. Don't they see that they are just compounding the black eye that the elephant is wearing right now? Do they honestly think that by standing back and pointing the finger in outrage they are making themselves look better? From the White House to the jail house it looks to me as if the Republican party is staying "here, take it, you deal with it for the next four to eight years".

God help us. And God damn politics too.

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