Sunday, August 26, 2007

Earthlink Drives Me Crazy!

I've used Earthlink for seven long and sometimes tumultuous years. Day one of their offer to my area of DSL service I called them up and got hooked up....before that I used their dial-up service. I've never been late on even one monthly payment. They debit my credit card. I don't mess with them, why in the heck do they mess with me?

Not me personally, 'me' as in MY homepage. I've lost count of the number of "new and improved" home page changes that have been foisted upon me. They tend to make these great changes on Sundays without a by your leave.

Today's change was the last straw.

My favorites box is gone. In its place is a new and improved edition and that means I'd have to start all over again filling in my choices. Phooey.

Next up is my stock market info....the carefully constructed list of what I like to keep an eye on. That's gone too. It shows the Dow at its closed Friday. AGAIN I'd have to fill in the missing info. Phooey.

They took away MY weather choices. I only got 5 choices to begin with and Houston led the list. I also like to keep tabs weather-wise on Las Vegas and Maui. The other two I change depending on where I'm going or have been. Do you sense a theme here? Yep, gone! I'd be back to square one just trying to get MY homepage like I like it. Phooey.

So short of telling them where to put my entire account (and the constant flow of incoming real mail on the other options out and about in this big old competitive world are verrrrry tempting) I'm just changing what I use for a home page when my Firefox browser loads. I'm going with my Bloglines and quick access to the feeds I follow.

All because some whiz kid has to keep "improving" things that don't need improving IMHO. Over the years there have been very few improvements anyway.....most of it is irritating sh*t that I block or move to the bottom of the columns which put it on the 2nd page. That would be the page I never look at!

The more I'm with Earthlink the more it's getting to be another AOL.



Anonymous said...

Hey that art work looks like my wife. Got to go here she comes..

Anonymous said...

Coast is clear she past me by...Its o.k. I been with her for over 20 years now. I think I am up for "Parole" soon............?

Well got to go now, It is time to do my Husbandly duty if you know what I mean.. It is the third Saturday of the month and I must perform like clock work.

Funny isn't when we first met it was all the time then weekly now the third Saturday of the month.

Now where did I leave the carwashing soap. I am talking about washing the car. You dirty mined blogers!!!

TxGoodie said...

Haha....that's funny!

My favorite is the long married couple who had sex by passing each other in the hall and saying "F* U"....