Wednesday, January 17, 2007

When U Care Enough To Recycle The Very Best...

Check this out.....

Card Savers

Card Savers recycles any greeting card
12 adhesive sheets in assorted standard greeting card sizes with matching white envelopes

So what you do is receive a card from someone, like it so much you want to send it to someone else... buy Card Savers coverup sheets, slap it on the inside of the used card, pop a stamp on it and off it goes.

When you get the card you probably notice the coverup and then you think "Geez, why does this strike me as the same way being put on Call Waiting does?"..."Am I not special enough to get a NEW card"?...

Now I'll grant you that the price of greeting cards has gone though the roof and back, but when you do care enough to send the very best why not bite the bullet and spring for the bucks to make it special?

You'd have to make double damned sure you didn't recycle the card to the same person that sent it to you too! Or you could do like me and just send out electronic greets from

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