Thursday, January 18, 2007

HOUSTON METRO | | News for Houston, Texas

HOUSTON METRO | | News for Houston, Texas: "Did the media overreact to the ice storm?"

I don't blame the weather wizards per se, as usual I blame the folks behind the desks. I'd listen to Dr. Neil and he was taking a relatively conservative approach which is really something for him, and then the desk geeks would say "we're all going to die!" and hype it up big time.

By accident more than design I lucked into Fox's weather with their gazillion dollar radar gismo and it absolutely blew me away because right in the middle of all the white freeze stuff was this small green belt and damned if my house wasn't in that green area! Yea me! None of the big 3 weather reports showed my little green area. They made it sound like everything from Tomball on was in deep icedoo. Next morning there were the smallest icicles I've ever seen hanging off my roof, etc. They were really just big drops that had frozen. You'd be glorifying them to even call them 'icicles'.

I'm glad the whole Houston area got off as light as it did. I'm still cold, but since my surgery I doubt I'll EVER be warm again.

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Attila The Mom said...

I'm so glad you missed out on the freeziness and the craziness!!