Thursday, June 22, 2006



Nagin whined like only he can and in comes the National Guard.

Why doesn't Mayor White whine and get the National Guard to come to Houston to help with OUR swelling murder and violent crime rates?

Why does FEMA keep extending the various deadlines when it's obvious that we are going to be responsible for the shelter, care and feeding of the evacs until they all die, then we get to bury them and continue with their kids and their grandkids and so and so forth. Nagin certainly doesn't want them back. He just wanted them to vote for him.

The bottom line: fear of riots.


Lainey said...

Right again, TX

Kristie said...

A fellow New Orleanian & I were discussing this last night. In all honesty, you couldn't drag me back to New Orleans.

It's time the refugees were cut off. You've had a year. You've had plenty of time to find a job. You've had more than a generous share of opportunities extended to you. Stop freeloading.

If these were my relatives, I'd have kicked them out six months ago.

TxGoodie said...

Like everyone I know, I have the greatest respect for the people who suffered great personal loss in New Orleans and have picked themselves up, dusted themselves off, gone out and gotten a job and are trying to glue the pieces of their lives back together. They are welcome to stay here and we'd be lucky to have them. It's the bums that we've got plenty of and sure don't need any more from out of state.