Friday, September 12, 2008

What I Hate About My Local Media

Well, let's face it, there's a LOT to hate about all media, but here we sit in the center of "the cone" waiting for Ike to do "his" durndest (is that a word?) and one would think that keeping the TV on as long as possible is a good thing.

BUT nooooooooo. If they aren't scaring people to death, they are showing idiots on the beach and ranting about how they should leave. First off, if they are on the beach, chances are they aren't hearing the warning! If they keep showing these fools on the beach, they are only encouraging OTHER fools to come on down and get on TV!

Sometimes I wish Dan Rather would of had his scrawny ass blown off the beach during Hurricane Carla! His hanging on to poles and screaming into the microphone while water cascaded down his jowls has done nothing but breed a generation of baseball caps wearing clones!

I love Eric Berger, the SciGuy, at the Chronicle! He's OUR Dan Rather without having to get wet! He's far better though because he isn't hysterical....he offers facts and figures and links. He is a bright spot in the otherwise murky flood water of Rather want-a-bees!

Well I'm going to evacuate to my daughter's house. Should take me 2 minutes to drive there....she's only about 4 blocks away!

Everyone dealing with Ike, be safe!

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