Monday, September 15, 2008

I'm Baaacccckkkkk! ByeBye Ike!

It was bad. It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be and it certainly wasn't as bad as it could of been. The final figures of $destruction$ and loss of human life have not been compilled, but this is, of course, more about ME and MY experiences.

First, I decided to evacuate to my daughter's and that was a good thing as we mostly played cards by candle light and THAT helped to take our minds off what was going on outside. Her house is better insulated than mine I guess because the wind was loud, but it wasn't as loud as I remember Hurricane Alicia being.

My house lost power at midnight Friday, September 12th and it was just restored about an hour ago! That's almost 62 hours (if my math is right...I'm working on a quart low of sleep these days) and since I moved in here in 1976, this is by far the longest power loss EVER. Usually it's a few hours, a day if that when it's a bad storm. The area wide devastation is horrific. Everyone I know lost power...some won't get theirs back for WEEKS. Some still didn't have power from Hurrican Edwardo!

So, the theme of this post is THANK YOU! Thank you Reliant/Centerpoint/Dynowatt or whoever else restored me to my former comfort level! Yea! It's the little things that you opening your closet door and actually being able to see without going for a flashlight! Or the bliss of air conditioning! The good part was it wasn't unbearable even in the 90 plus humidity because I didn't do anything. There was nothing to do except play cards or read or watch my tiny bat operated TVs.

I swear I'd of given the light truck a standing ovation if I'd of seen it. My best friend did see it and she and her neighbor told them THANKS!

More on the storm later, but right now I've got to put away 9000 candles, batteries, radios, TVs, ice chest, etc. .......oh and my .38 that was by my side last night just in case.


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Lainey said...

Yeah...I put away all my hurricane stuff too...but my .357
still stays close by!