Thursday, July 31, 2008

Scary Nut Case!

Long time no write! Mostly been some auctions going on E-bay and trying to keep cool in this Texas blast furnace. Also in an effort to keep from being TOO political I choose to just lie in wait. And there in lies the story...

I figure it's my right to support the candidate that I think best for 'Merica and I make no secret of the fact that there is only ONE viable candidate and that's Senator McCain so I bought a bumper sticker and put it in the back window of my car. It looks a lot like this one....

Well yesterday I came out of Kroger's in broad daylight and put my groceries into the trunk of my car, then I put the cart inside another cart and became aware of some guy hollering. I made eye contact with a man in a nice newer pickup truck as he was driving around me. He was just a ranting about something and I figured it was to another man in yet another pickup truck so I blew it off. Then he drove down the isle in front of my car, circled around and pulled into a parking spot on the isle I'd parked in, got out of his truck and started walking my way. The whole time this was going on he was looking at me whether I was returning the look or not! I decided to wait in the car and keep an eye on him in my rear view mirror, etc. When he got right behind my car he pointed at it and said something again. I didn't hear what he was saying, I just know he wasn't smiling and he was loud.

After he was in the store I backed out and puzzled all the way home what it was that I had done to hack this guy off. But BEFORE I drove off I wrote down his license number and I could reproduce it here, but that's not why I wrote it down. I looked him up and I know his name and where he lives. I thought he was making note or perhaps pointing to MY license plate as if to say he knew how to find me.

The more I pondered on his dementia the more I was convinced he was upset with my McCain sticker! I *think* I heard "Obama" at least once when he was driving around. All I can say is "FIGURES"! Only a bona fide nut case would support a candidate with no experience and nothing going for himself but Oprah's endorsement.

I will admit that it made me very uncomfortable to be singled out by a nut. This was a white male, probably in his middle 40's, driving a nice truck. He looked like Mr. Average American. He acted like he needed some adjustments to his meds!

When I wrote down his license number I didn't notice if he had any stickers or not...I was in a hurry to jot it down and get the hell out of Dodge! But even if he'd of had Obama stickers plastered all over the thing *I* would of never told him off for his political leanings! That's because I'm only a nut case in limited family related incidences, I reckon....

Vote, I don't care who you vote for, but VOTE! If you are voting for The Other, keep it to yourself, I got enough to worry about!

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