Saturday, December 08, 2007

It Was Love At First Byte

My friend Gowan sent me a link to a story about the Commodore 64 and it sparked my nostalgic memories. (It doesn't take much to spark those memories this time of the year!)

A couple of years ago I wrote about some of my Commodore daze with an article entitled What Is This BBS of Which You Speak.

I've still got a C-64 set-up boxed away for some reason known only to hoarders. I don't miss the speed of the dadgum thing, but I do miss my youthful love of the whole personal computer world.

Sorry to be so remiss in keeping up with this blog. I only really write when the spirit moves me and the spirit has been chasing its own tail a lot these days.

With me, no news is generally no news.

I also got myself a 42" Plasma TV and I'm actually watching it! HD makes even crap shows look better! haha...

I'm waiting for a couple more of my Christmas presents. I always give myself good stuff for Christmas! It's one of the perks of being spoiled rotten. Yea me. However this is turning into the Year Of The Backorder. Every day I wait for that elusive e-mail saying shipment has commenced and my item is on its way....more on WHAT the item(s) are when I actually get some hands-on time.

Take care...stay safe...


HIM said...

Those were the days... when "spreadsheet" was a dirty word and you could go to Charcoal Chicken for lunch while waiting for a floppy disk to copy... nowadays everything is just floppy and it's hard to chain smoke waiting for anything as it's all so fast. Happy Holidays and who the hell is that woman in the pic?


TxGoodie said...

THERE you are! I've been worried about you! You know I'd never know if there was ever anything to know!

Happy Holidays AND Happy Birthday to you too.

That's the new and improved me in that pic. Ain't it swell what they can do to cover up wrinkles and bags and whatnot! Lord knows I got whatnots out the wazoo these days! Normally I'd go into my rant about how much better I feel for the weight lose, blah, blah, blah, but I'm sick yet again. I've had colds and or allergy "stuff" one right after another since the surgery.

I think my body's immune system is still trying to figure out where to do its thing in my bod!

Hugs and kisses....I really, really miss 'ya too!

Him said...

I'm alive sorta and kicking... have turned into a recluse in the last year or so. Spend most of my waking hours playing World of Warcraft and hiding from the real world. Once in awhile I take a contract job to pay the bills, but as little of that as possible.

Hugs and Howdies to y'all in the United States of Texas.