Saturday, June 02, 2007

Gosh, Dwight Noticed I was There!

I'm so delighted that my dropping in unannounced to the TechBlog's Friday Night Geek Gathering was noted and actually recorded HERE! It was a large turnout too...lots of nice folks with ultra cool toys-with-chips! I was lusting after Jay Lee's camera....a Sony whiz-bang if I ever saw one and he's a man of many talents. OR he's hell on wheels on bugs, not sure which, but he made an outstandingly good photo of something with many legs and wings, possibly doing the wild thing (which one would expect from a ....I dunno....wild thing!) or it could of been in some kind of death throes from the St. Arnold's fumes. It did finally fly away probably shooting all the onlookers the insect equivalent of The Bird.

The best part was that I felt welcome! It's like you're in their collective living room or something and if you've ever thought about attending and are shy like me then take it from me, they are all very friendly and interesting to hang with. All age groups were represented of the best things about computer life and the subsequent gatherings. For years when I ran BIO Feedback BBS it delighted me that one couldn't tell from the writings how old someone was and more often than not the mental image we formed was way off. I used to like to play up how OLD I was and then show up in person and have people surprised.... that wouldn't work now though because for some reason I did get old!! Grumble, grumble.

I also got to hold and SMELL Mr. Silverman's 1st book! I like the smell of fresh printers ink. I used to like the smell of gasoline too back in the olden days when it smelled good. It's a wonder I didn't do harm to myself back then sniffing the nozzle!

Well I'm off to the ballgame today and then on to the TriStar card show at G. R. Brown's. It cost as small fortune to get autographs of Roy, Lance and Craig plus Hunter and Scott, but it's not something I normally spend big bucks on so I've already rationalized it in my mind. Don't you just love how you can do that with your own mind and get away with it!

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