Saturday, June 09, 2007

Cops Sure Know How To BBQ!

I donned my "uniform" shirt to do some volunteer hash-slinging for a very good cause yesterday and one of the fringe benefits was some of the BBQ that was being sold in order to raise money. Since I can't eat a whole lot these days I took me a small plate home and while chowing down on my lunch it occurred to me that cops make the best BBQ in the world! I don't know how they do it, but this beef was just perfect. It was flavorful, tender, tasty and moist. It hit the spot! The potato salad, which I was actually slinging serving, was "store bought" and came in a vast tub o' plastic, but the beans and sauce and meat were all the real deal.

Now true I'm sure there are some cops that can't BBQ worth a flip, but when you go to one of these big deals they bring out the super chefs. I've eaten enough cop-made BBQ meals to say without a doubt that cops DO make great food on the grill.

They also had an auction and I managed to walk away with four balls! Not an easy feat considering how fast the law was gobbling up the balls! Much less how difficult it is to walk with four balls without dropping one or two!


After rereading that I guess a tad bit of clarification is in order...

I WON four autographed baseballs. All Astros players to be sure. To wit: Brad Ausmus, Jason Jennings, Phil Garner and Morgan Ensberg. None of them came with authorization, but that's okay because I KNOW the ballplayers sign for the police all the time for free and they are happy to do so. Further more these are just for my own private collection to give the girls something else to scrap over when I'm planted. It's not like I scored them to resell on E-bay or anything.

It was a swell day. I'm glad I said "yes" to the request for warm bodies to help. After all cops, baseball and BBQ are all close to my heart!

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Lainey said...

Sounds like fun....Thanks for clarifying the "balls"!