Tuesday, April 24, 2007

No News Is No News

I've been keeping a low profile. Trying to stay out of trouble. Being a good ol' gal. That's so boring! It's a thankless endeavor, to be sure, but someone has to do it. The last thing I'd want to do is show up on the front page of the local rag and the way things are going around here and in the rest of the USA it could happen!

Now this is just a suggestion, but if people feel compelled to kill themselves why not just DO IT ala Nike and stop taking other folks with them! Who gives them the right to have power over anothers very existence? And to off someone and then have the rag and the tube say it's because you were afraid you'd lose your job..........hello?......you lost more than your job, bonehead. Or it's because you were being evicted.....well, congratulations, your room in HELL is right this way! Loser.

That leads me to the loony at Virginia Tech..... What a tragedy........words fail me. I can't begin to sort out my feelings. Naturally, being pro-gun, it pains me to think about the way no one could fight back. They were like sitting ducks. Maybe when we outfit our kids for college we need to stick their own Glock in the suitcase with the laptop.... maybe we need to spend more money on mental health in this country instead of blaming guns for all the ills. All we can really do is pray for the souls of those taken and that peace be granted to the families of all including the fruitcake.

As for me, I'm going to the dentist this afternoon. Yuck. I love my dentist, I just hate what he does for a living! It's time for the scraping off of the enamel barnacles. I'll get that fresh and minty feeling for awhile and find myself smiling at mirrors and admiring how brave my teeth were to sit there and let him chisel them clean once again.

Be safe.


Anonymous said...

So did you pack some heat in case a ex-looney employee came in for a cleaning??

TxGoodie said...

Gosh, no I didn't even think of THAT.

Next time in I've got to get some DEEP scaling done....that'll include numbing me up! One side one appt, other side on another appt... woe is me!