Tuesday, April 03, 2007

My Life In The Fast Lane

I went to Canton's First Monday Trade Days Flea Market this past weekend and it was kewl! I'd heard about it for years, but had never been....a friend of mine mentioned she was going and I BEGGED to tag along. It is truly the largest flea market in the largest State in the Nation! Thanks to my first born daughter who went with me I was coerced into renting a scooter the 2nd day after walking my a** off the first day. Bad enough that my shoes were starting to rub on my right baby toe, but even losing weight has not made up for the fact that I'm just not up to hiking back and forth for hours and hours on end. The scooter was the ultimate save-my-life and money-well-spent to keep me in the game vehicle. It's NOT just for the old and infirmed either... lots of younger able-bodied young MEN were tooling around having a ball just like me. I'll admit it's a little tricky maneuvering it through the thundering herds of bargain hunters, but I found out early on that if I'd park it out of the way and TAKE THE KEY, I could walk around looking to my heart's content and climb back on when I needed to advance again.

In Canton, among other things, I bought a flagpole! I've wanted one for years and this one was just what the doctor ordered. I'm planning on getting the "installation sleeve" sunk in my backyard and have the flags visible above the roof of my house. A USA flag comes in the kit and I bought a Texas flag too. The best part is that since it's telescoping, I can take it down and store it in the garage when it suits me. It'd be nice to fly the flags every day, but I want to display them on important days that call for the honoring of our country, etc.

Last night I was one of 43,803 people who watched the Astros unfortunately get beat in their home opener by the Pittsburgh Pirates. It was a shame that we couldn't hold the lead no matter how slim it was. I blogged some comments on the SportsJustice blog voicing my disdain for Houston fans booing one of their own. IMHO it's just part and parcel for the way people have slipped more than one notch in their personal how-to-behave in public persona's. These are the same people, no doubt, that cut you off in traffic, yak too loudly on their cell phones, can't wait in line two minutes because they have no patience and even fewer manners and generally think ME FIRST is the natural order of the day. In my dictionary they are pictured under JERK. Still and all, I was happy to be there thanks to my good friends Paula and Larry for giving me the ticket and the ride for my birthday present.

My birthday. Gak. I'm now more than 50 and less than 80. Big whoop. The good part is I'm still alive. The bad part is I'm never going to get any younger. When I look back down that long winding road that was my life to this point I'd best be happy with the choices I made as the opportunities are less and less an option. For the most part I am happy with my life so far from my cradle to Depends....not that I'm into the whole pee-when-you-sneeze thing YET. I've got some great kids fathered by a wonderful man who loved me despite my various character flaws. I've been blessed with friends who love me for who and what I am and more than a few of them accept me the way I am and don't try to remake me into their image of what I should be. The one that does makes me laugh and that is valuable in its own right. Oh and I'm one lucky old broad too, that doesn't hurt a bit.

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