Wednesday, November 22, 2006

November 22, 2006

Pardon me while I get a little maudlin....

Today would of been my Daddy's 96th and my husbands' 66th birthdays. They were the two most important men in my life. I'm probably the last of the fems that was handed off from the father to the groom with no on-your-own time in between. NOW I'm having my on-your-own time. When I see little old ladies holding hands with their little old mates, I wonder why I can't be like that. I come home to my old dog and he doesn't even hear me coming in anymore. I still feel that both of them are watching over me so that helps.

I almost feel guilty today because this is the first for both of them that I haven't cried and cried. 'Course if I keep writing in this vein in might start the water works! I know they are both supposed to be in a better place and I'm not ready to visit that place, but it still makes me so mad that they had to go and so many scumbags are hanging on. Then when I stop and think about it, Daddy would of hated being 96 especially if he couldn't take care of himself and John wouldn't of been so crazy about being 66 for the same reason. So I guess I'll have to bow my head to the good Lord and say 'thanks for taking care of them for me'.

On the plus side my eldest daughter and her hubby are trying to celebrate their 14th wedding anniversary today. John's been gone 10 years in December so that's ten of those fourteen that they had to squeeze their joy into the sadness. Their wonderful accomplishment has been overshadowed and that's not right. The same can be said for my middle daughter and her husband who will celebrate their 11th 12th anniversary on the 10th anniversary of his passing, December 17, 1996. How weird is that?

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you. I'm looking forward to having a nice, quiet one with the "kids". I'm thankful that I have the kids! How sad it would be to be alone on a holiday! How lucky I am that all my children live close by and I can see them often. I think that surely heads the top of my Thankful List this and every year. John was called and he had to go, but he left me loving comfort in his absence. How good is that?


Lainey said...

What a sweet tribute to your two special men.
Yes, you are blessed to have your kids close by. I just got back from north of Dallas, spent Thanksgiving with my son and family. Going to Florida for Christmas to see my daughter and her family.
What would we do without our dogs? I just got another doxie puppy to go with Elvis.
Your hubby was young...sorry you lost him too soon.

TxGoodie said...

Thanks, Lainey.... your kids might be out of the area, but HEY you get to travel! That's something.

I keep thinking my old dog's days are numbered .... we start planning his funeral and then dadgumit if he doesn't start hopping around like a puppy for awhile. He pays the price the next day, but where there's life there's hope and I hope he is around as long as possible.

Yes, my husband was awfully young to die, but he had a lot of things that troubled him physically. Not the least of which was rheumatic fever as a youngster. I think he knew that he wouldn't be sitting next to me in "the home", but I never wanted to face it. I did the 'fiddle-de-dee' everything he even came close to the subject. He was a good man, a great father and my best friend... I'm thinking that not a bad accomplishment for 56 years in this world. He spent 33 of those years married to me.