Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Constables Patrol Registered Sex Offenders

Harris County constables patrol registered sex offenders

That's all well and good for those that DO register and then reside where they say they are going to, but in my Grand Jury alone we've indicted 21 for Failure To Register. We're only 1 of 6 and we've got one more day to do our thing. Those 21 are the ones that Harris County knows about. How many are as yet undiscovered and living among us? All the zipcode look-ups in the world won't help if someone isn't living where they say they are. And each and every one of those 21 are "2B's"....meaning they still don't know where they are, they have yet to be picked up, they are under the radar somewhere. Personally I'll betcha that more than 3/4 of them are South of the Border.

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Anonymous said...

There will always be those that don't register, don't live where they say they will, or otherwise violate the terms of their release but how many of them are there in Harris County to begin with?
(Hint: a lot more than most people would like there to be but as far as those living South of the Border; fine by me!)

Scruff Cody for me! :p