Sunday, September 24, 2006

Alive & Well

I'm both alive and well. Well, ok, I'm alive anyway...the jury is still out on the 'well' part.

The Grand Jury biz has kept me busy. Not so much the actual work, but the getting up at the butt crack of dawn and driving to town with all the other loonies much less coming home in the afternoon with all those that ought to be at work instead of clogging the roadways. I think half of them are drunk already too!

I've been to two baseball games this week with another one scheduled today. By tonight I will have seen Roger Clemens's farewell to Minute Maid TWICE this week! The first one Wednesday afternoon was so darn emotional and well done I don't know how they can top it today, but I'm willing to risk seeing them try. Winning four in a row for a change would be a good start! I still don't think they can go anywhere with this final florish, but what do I know anyway. I thought they'd win at least one game in the world serious last year and boy howdy was I wrong.

The death of the HPD officer just doing his job was tough too. Yet another loser felon out in the real world instead of being locked up with the key thrown away took a good guy out. The officer was doing his job, that's all, just trying to earn his pay and make the streets a tad safer for all of us. There is nothing in the world sadder than watching uniformed police personnel crying in public. It's certainly not fair, but we tend to think of them as tough and having seen it all and nothing sticks to them. Wrong. They are human beings with emotions just like the rest of us. They know far better than most what a thin BLACK line there is between life and death and just how easy it is for them to be pushed to the other side. May God rest his soul and comfort his family. Be safe, guys and gals.


Lainey said...

Glad to see you back, TX, I've been away a lot lately, myself.

I am so bummed about officer Johnson! When is all this crap gonna stop?

We need to build a really tall fence along the border!

Dan P. said...

Well it is about time. I been missing your posts. We should do luch soon!

Anonymous said...

Fry em, fry em all. We're depending on you Texans to thin the herd.


Tx said...


tx said...

i just signed on lainey

tx said...

I will do that dan p