Monday, February 02, 2009

The Platters' Golden Hits MCY 135 951

I bought The Platters' Golden Hits MCY 135 951 / MCL 125 951 from a fellow at Craigslist and I've been ripping it and other LP records and then converting them into MP3s to use on my computer and my iPod.

This particular LP is interesting because the track list on the back for Side 1 is:

The Great Pretender
Smoke Gets In Your Eyes
Twilight Time
I'm Sorry
It's Magic
Ebb Tide
Songs For The Lonely

and that not right.

The label has the correct order. Instead of "Temptation" it's "Trees", a poem by Joyce Kilmer that I had to memorize in the 7th grade in Longview, Texas. Dangit, for the life of me I can't remember the name of that Jr. High! God, that's probably the 1st sign of something! Or I could just be tired, it's hard work rippin' records and such!

Anyway, it surprised me that the disk jacket was wrong. I would of liked to have "Temptation" too.....

The Platters were good. Lots of memories listening to them again. Romantic memories of getting all warm and snuggly with someone I loved. Those are the best memories to warm the soul on a cold night.


Anonymous said...

Texas Goodies: Can you call me about Kelsey and Medicare? Thanks. 713-362-6374.

TxGoodie said...

Sure, I'll give you a call tomorrow. Do I ask for Mr. or Ms Anonymous?