Thursday, December 11, 2008

Sex, Drugs & Rock 'n Roll, Baby!

And what pray tell does the title have to do with ME or this post?


I was just baiting the hook!

I've been quiet lately. Licking my political wounds, if it were. Firmly convinced we are going to hell in a hand-basket.

Or maybe not.

I never claim to be a seer.

I do know that the accession to the throne by the one (note no capital letters to signify my utter and total disgust), was not the unification of many young folks eager for a hand in the political process at all. Rather it was New Coke version 2. If you're not remembering New Coke and the way it was thrust upon us let me refresh your memory.....

The makers of Coke wanted to change the formula and get rid of the "real deal" (sugar, Sugar) and replace it with high fructose corn syrup. They did just that with the launch of New Coke. You can read all about it if you follow the link, but the main point I'm trying to make is that New Coke was a smoke screen brilliantly designed to make the CHANGE, sell it to the public by letting the public think it had "won" the fight to restore Old Coke to the sugar regime. When, in fact, due to some powerful shell game slight of hand with a dash of underhand thrown in, New Coke was withdrawn and Classic Coke was hailed The One! (See capitals letter NOW signify extreme sarcasm, my forte!). Classic Coke didn't have the real deal, it had the "new, improved" high fructose corn syrup, that was the goal all along. You make the people think they are getting what they want by using clever catch phrases and massive brain washing. Such as....

If it doesn't fit, you must acquit.

Change you can believe in.

Etc. You do the work.

So now even before the Accession, it appears that the one is like the Wizard of Oz. He's hiding behind a screen, reading from the script that the Clinton's and THEIR handlers have devised. Only time will tell, to be sure, but smarter people than me have figured out that Hill and Company knew they couldn't win so they made a deal to gain that prize no matter what and the one wanted to move on up to that big house on the hill, so naturally he was thrilled to be high fructose corn syrup!

Hang on, it's going to be a bumpy ride! I hope to see you on the other side!


ttyler5 Editor said...

Don't worry

--- there will be two product recalls, one in 2010 and the big one in 2012!

And New Coke version 2 will be off the shelves. :^D

ttyler5 Editor said...

And no, no, NO!

--- by "the big one in 2012" I don't mean the end of the world! :^D