Sunday, June 01, 2008

Must Have Prgm For .ORF Olympus RAW Files

I hate messing with RAW files, but I can see the benefits of shooting in RAW and so I went outside today and took some RAW pictures. When I got ready to convert them however the Olympus Master 2 software that came with my e500 camera is a can 'o crap.

I tried using Photoshop 7, but it won't work with .ORF files *OR* I don't know how to convert them with it. Same thing IMHO. I wasn't wanting to spend all afternoon putzing around trying to figure it out.

So after diligently searching for awhile I can up with a winner! It's called FastStone Image Viewer 3.5 and it is more than just an image viewer. It worked quickly and well to convert the RAW Olympus .ORF files into .jpg ones or pretty much whatever kind of file you need.

It's also absolutely FREE and contains no adware or spyware or underware! However I did send the asked for donation because I thought that highly of it and I'm blogging about it because I like to say so when I like something that works as advertised!

I've....uh...come a long way from my Commodore daze!

Here's one of the ones I took today and jazzed up with FastStone...

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Anonymous said...

I like my meat well done not RAW! And I did not know you were a member of the Commodores. All this time you were a singer!