Friday, July 14, 2006 | TVs can crush kids, experts warn | TVs can crush kids, experts warn: "Local girl's death highlights what one doctor calls 'a real public health issue'"

I've got a big TV and it takes two grown men to lift it. How can someone NOT know that something that heavy could kill a little kid? Hell, even a smaller TV could kill a little kid if it fell on their HEAD just right! There's probably cases of kids getting killed with transistor radios for Christsake!

Look at some of the quotes from the article:
In the past year, at Memorial Hermann Hospital alone, there have been 11 injuries from falling televisions. In the past four months, five of those have resulted in death.
There are no national numbers for fatalities, but in 2005, U.S. emergency-room doctors treated 2,600 children younger than 5 injured by falling televisions, according to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety

Experts said the most important thing is to keep TVs out of reach of small children or at least anchor them against a wall, and don't put things on them. (Well DUH!)
I dunno. Are some people just dumb as dirt OR are they trying to kill their kids to gain some sympathy? Case in point, the asshole that shot his pistol into the air one July 4th or New Year's Eve or whenever it was, because of course that's what normal people do to celebrate an event, and then POP it comes down and kill's his kid and now he's on the TV being interviewed on the anniversary of the death for YEARS AND YEARS. I don't get it. Is he supposed to warn others or is he giving a how-to on getting rid of the kid?

But then, on the other side of the coin, is the Gov. If 10 kids got killed in one year because of falling TVs, they'll whip out a feel-good-justify-why-we-get-the-big-bucks-in-Washington law and to try and make people accountable for not having common sense. Maybe it's just me.

Rest in peace, little Lizzette. Your mom's pregnant again.

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